Huzhou Dagang textile dyeing and printing group Co., Ltd is located of Zhili, which is famous far its textile industry history and unique characteristic scenery of water areas. Being in the eastern suburbs of HuZou City, it lies to Taihu Lake in the north, and Shanghai in the east. State Highway 318 and Chang –Hu-Shen watercourse traverse this area.
   Set up in 1994, the group not only majors in silk and cotton materials processing, but also develops its business in trade, including importing and exporting business. For successive 6 years, it has been awarded as one of the enterprise with best financial results among its trade in Zhejiang, contributing 100 or more million production value and 10 million tax and profit value annually.
   Adhering to the policy of “Quality the first and credit the utmost”, the group has been offering quality products and service for its clients both form home and abroad, including more than 20 foreign counties and areas, as it resulted not only from its latest facilities ,its scientific management ,but also its managing group with all-round qualities.
   Attaching importance to technical reform, this market-oriented group has been developing its industrial and trade business of the same time. Always holding the policy of “Pursuing High Quality and Market with Enterprising Spirit and Service”, all the staff of Dagang Group is looking forward to still wider cooperation with friends all over the world.
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